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Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

Aileen G. Baron

The Torch of Tangier by Aileen G. Baron

January 1, 2007

Poisoned Pen Press:¬†Scottsdale, AZ 2006 (HC) In this second novel by retired California State University-Fullerton archaeologist, Aileen G. Baron, the reader is reintroduced to Lily Sampson, ABD archaeologist from the University of Chicago.¬† In 2000, Ms. Baron authored the wonderfully…

A Fly Has a Hundred Eyes by Aileen G. Baron

May 1, 2003

Academy Chicago Publishers, Chicago 2002 (hc) Aileen Baron has written a wonderfully atmospheric first novel. Set in 1938 Palestine, Lily Sampson is an American graduate student in archaeology who is fortunate enough to work on a significant excavation under the…