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Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

Gallagher’s Ireland Lecture Now Available Online

April 25, 2016

GallagherIf you missed Jim Gallagher’s lecture last November – you can now see it online at WPT University Place at:

Ireland is a country incredibly rich in well preserved and spectacular archeological sites and artifacts.   Jim Gallagher has traveled to Ireland over 20 times including most recently in June of 2015.  He has hiked hundreds of miles along the island’s many walking routes and visited most of the important archaeological sites.  His talk will explain the colorful history of ancient cultures on the islands and show you lots of great photos of sites ranging from spectacular burial chambers to precipitous mountain-top forts.   He’ll show artifacts ranging from Iron Age bog bodies to spectacular golden treasures.  In addition he will share with you some stories and scenic photos from his many hikes.

Jim is Professor Emeritus in the UW-L Archaeology Department where he taught a course on the Archaeology of Ireland.  He is also a retired MVAC Executive Director.  For 15 years he organized and led hiking tours in Ireland from La Crosse.