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Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

2016 MVAC Volunteer Field Survey

May 9, 2016

Walking fieldsAgainst the beautiful backdrop of the hills surrounding Coon Creek, 12 volunteers on the 2016 MVAC Public Field Survey examined 8 fields just west of Coon Valley, WI. We looked at four fields on the Norskedalen Heritage Center property that had a previously reported site, and four additional fields further east and along Coon Creek. Though most fields had not had a heavy rain since they had been last cultivated, we still found a few flakes in each field. One new site to be reported had a fragment of a biface that had probably been broken in manufacture. It came from near the base of a slope overlooking Cook Creek. All of the material was the local Prairie du Chien chert.

A special highlight of the day was visiting the main Norskdalen Center, where volunteers enjoyed the Center’s Membership Open House and pancake breakfast. They then joined the knapp-in, where a number of flintknappers came together to share their experience making stone tools. The MVAC volunteers learned more about how the flakes they had just found had been made, and some took the opportunity to try making their own flakes. Altogether a successful and fun day.

Link to more pictures.