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Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

Silver Mound 2019

October 23, 2019

Hike at Silver MoundMVAC and the Wisconsin Archaeological Society hosted a “Field Assembly” at Silver Mound, near Hixton, Wisconsin on Saturday October 19. Silver Mound is the source of Hixton Silicified Sandstone, one of the most important stone sources in Wisconsin, which has been used for 13,000 years, from PaleoIndian on through the historic era. The event featured tours up and around Silver Mound, visiting two rockshelters, including one with pictographs, and seeing several quarry pits along the way. Participants also tried their hand at the atlatl, Native American games, and flintknapping. Over 100 people came out to participate, despite the light rain. The site is now owned by the Archaeological Conservancy, so access is generally restricted. Therefore, this event was a great opportunity for the public to visit the site and learn more about it.


Native American gamesArtifact displaysAtlatlFlintknapping