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Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

A.J. Hartley

Tears of the Jaguar by A.J. Hartley

November 1, 2013

Thomas & Mercer Publishers:  Las Vegas, NV 2012 (pb) In this, A.J. Hartley’s third novel featuring Deborah Miller, erstwhile director of the Druid Hills Museum in Atlanta, the lanky and self-effacing heroine finds herself directing an archaeological dig in the…

The Mask of Atreus by A.J. Hartley

September 1, 2006

Berkley Books, New York April 2006 (pb) The Mask of Atreus is a debut thriller by author A.J. Hartley, and it demonstrates all the strengths and weaknesses of an initial effort.  The prose is crisp, the major characters engaging, and…