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Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

Aileen G. Baron

Return of the Swallows by Aileen G. Baron

November 1, 2018

By Aileen G. Baron Pemberly Press:  Austin, TX 2018 (HC) For twenty years, Aileen G. Baron taught classes in archaeology and anthropology at the California State University-Fullerton after earning her Ph.D. well into her adulthood.  Her career took her to…

The Scorpion’s Bite by Aileen G. Baron

July 1, 2018

Poisoned Pen Press:  Scottsdale AZ 210 (HC) It is 1943 and University of Chicago ABD archaeologist Lily Sampson, still suffering from the loss of her lover at the Battle of Al Alamein, is recruited by the U.S. Office of Strategic…

The Torch of Tangier by Aileen G. Baron

January 1, 2007

Poisoned Pen Press: Scottsdale, AZ 2006 (HC) In this second novel by retired California State University-Fullerton archaeologist, Aileen G. Baron, the reader is reintroduced to Lily Sampson, ABD archaeologist from the University of Chicago.  In 2000, Ms. Baron authored the wonderfully…

A Fly Has a Hundred Eyes by Aileen G. Baron

May 1, 2003

Academy Chicago Publishers, Chicago 2002 (hc) Aileen Baron has written a wonderfully atmospheric first novel. Set in 1938 Palestine, Lily Sampson is an American graduate student in archaeology who is fortunate enough to work on a significant excavation under the…