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Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

Beverly Connor

One Grave Less by Beverly Connor

July 1, 2011

Obsidian: New York, NY 2010 (pb) In this, the ninth entry in Beverly Connor’s “Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation” series, the reader is taken back to a story thread established in the very first volume: the disappearance/kidnapping of Diane’s adopted daughter…

Questionable Remains by Beverly Connor

October 1, 2008

Cumberland House Publishing: Nashville, TN 1997 (HC) In the late 1990s, Beverly Connor authored five volumes in the all-too-short-lived Lindsay Chamberlain mystery series. The series heroine was a charming young archaeologist/forensic anthropologist who taught at the University of Georgia and…

A Rumor of Bones by Beverly Connor

December 1, 2006

Cumberland House Publishing: Nashville, Tennessee 1996 (HC) Seven years before beginning her Diane Fallon Forensic Investigations series, Beverly Connor had her first Lindsay Chamberlain mystery published. This brief series (it was to include five novels in total) featured a young,…

One Grave Too Many by Beverly Connor

February 1, 2004

Onyx, New American Library, New York 2003 (pb) Between 1996 and 2000, Beverly Connor wrote five nicely crafted archaeology mysteries, featuring her protagonist, Lindsay Chamberlain. The series seemed to get better with each new edition, as the characters became more…