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Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

Lyn Hamilton

The Orkney Scroll by Lyn Hamilton

October 1, 2006

Berkley Publishing Group: New York 2006 (hc) As has become the case with a number of authors I have reviewed, the publication of a new Lyn Hamilton “Archaeological Mystery” is almost like a visit from an old friend.  In this,…

The Moai Murders by Lyn Hamilton

September 1, 2005

Berkley Publishing Group, New York April 2005 (hc) In the past few years, the late spring has proved to be not only the time of April showers bringing May flowers, but it is also the time of year for the…

The Magyar Venus by Lyn Hamilton

June 1, 2004

Berkley Publishing Group, New York 2004 (hc) The Lara McClintoch mystery series, of which The Magyar Venus is the eighth installment, just keeps getting better and better. While some other archaeological mystery series – I’m concerned about the Kathy Reichs…

The Celtic Riddle by Lyn Hamilton

July 1, 2001

Berkley Publishing Group, New York February 2000 I am writing this review from the cozy confines of An Café Liteartha, a combination café/Irish bookstore in the town of Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland.  I note this at the outset, note as…

The African Quest: An Archaeology Mystery by Lyn Hamilton

March 1, 2001

Berkley Publishing Group, New York February 2001 The African Quest is Lyn Hamilton’s fifth book in a series that began some six years ago with The Xibalba Murders.  The series is a delightful addition to the ever-growing sub-genres of mysteries…