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Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

Sarah Wisseman

Catacomb by Sarah Wisseman

May 1, 2016

Wings ePress Books:  Newton, KS 2016 (pb) Sarah Wisseman introduced readers to art conservator Flora Garibaldi in last year’s Burnt Sienna, in which the heroine, with the help of her lover/friend homicide detective Vittorio Bernini, brings down a ruthless antiquities…

Burnt Siena by Sarah Wisseman

April 1, 2015

Five Star Publishing:  Farmington Hills, MI 2015 (pb) Sarah Wisseman has previously penned four mysteries featuring archaeologist Lisa Donohue.  In this, her latest effort, our heroine is Flora Garibaldi McDougal, a feisty Chicago-bred art historian with a master’s degree from…

The House of the Sphinx by Sarah Wisseman

June 1, 2011

Hillard Harris Publishers:  Boonsboro, MD 2009 (pb) Sarah Wisseman continues her delightful Lisa Donahue series by departing from the standard archaeological mystery mode.   In a sense she has done this previously when her second in the series, The Dead Sea…

The Fall of Augustus by Sarah Wisseman

February 1, 2010

Wings ePress:  Richmond, KY 2009 (PB) Sarah Wisseman’s third archaeology mystery featuring archaeology museum curator Lisa Donohue is her strongest entry thus far.  The novel opens with the staff of the Boston University museum moving to a new state-of-the-art building…

The Dead Sea Codex by Sarah Wisseman

July 1, 2006

Hard Shell Word Factory:  Amherst Junction, WI 2006 (pb) Several months ago I reviewed Sarah Wisseman’s initial Lisa Dona hue mystery, Bound for Eternity, and found much that I liked about it.  The book was not without its shortcomings, however,…

Bound for Eternity by Sarah Wisseman

December 1, 2005

iUniverse Books, Lincoln, NE 2005 (pb) As I have stated before in these reviews, it is almost always a delight to discover a new author who has selected archaeology fiction as his or her genre of choice. This is certainly…