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Updated June 2, 2020

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  • Lecture - Howard Carter and the Search for Tutankhamen

    Tuesday, March 04, 2014
    7:00 pm at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, Cartwright Center, Port O'Call

    Dr. Dave AndersonIn November of 1922, Howard Carter made one of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries of all time––the tomb of Tutankhamen.  This discovery was not random chance, but rather the culmination of years of research and training.  This lecture will explore the career of Howard Carter, from his initial trip to Egypt as a 17-year-old artist through the discovery and excavation of Tutankhamen’s tomb.  Carter’s work will be placed within the greater context of the history of the exploration of the Valley of the Kings and the development of the discipline of archaeology in Egypt.  Finally, several controversies surrounding Carter’s work in the tomb will be discussed.  Call MVAC at 608-785-8454 or e-mailJean for more information.

    SpeakerDr. David A. Anderson, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology/Archaeology, UW-L; MVAC Research Associate