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Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

Midway Village

March 9, 2016

ExcavationThe Midway Village site was a large Oneota habitation and cemetery site north of Onalaska and La Crosse. Will C. McKern of the Milwaukee Public Museum excavated there in 1929. In the 1980s, a series of MVAC and UW-La Crosse excavations focused on areas that were going to be destroyed by an expanding sand quarry. In the 1988 image on the top left, an MVAC/UWL crew is excavating features along the edge of the quarry.


In the 1987 photo on the bottom left, UWL Professor Emeritus Jim Theler is directing archaeological monitoring. Very little of the site remains today, but areas that still have the potential to contain intact deposits are monitored during any ground disturbance.