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Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

The Atlantis Code by Charles Brokaw

July 1, 2010

Forge Books: New York 2009 (HC) I looked forward with great anticipation to reading (after buying) Charles Brokaw’s The Atlantis Code. The dustcover flap synopsis promised an exciting archaeological adventure with a new hero that promised to be a combination…

Tomb Seven by Gene Snyder

April 1, 2006

Charter Books: New York 1985 (pb) This is the second in a series of “oldies but goodies” archaeology novels, published in 1985 by an author who quickly slipped into anonymity.  Tomb Seven is one of those thrillers that start out…

The Stone Circle by Gary Goshgarian

October 1, 2004

Donald I. Fine Books, New York 1997 (hc) This is one of those books that simply should have been better than it was. Archaeologist Peter Van Zandt, recently widowed and trying to live down a reputation for getting himself in…